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from k-9 amber alert [Jul. 16th, 2007|04:31 pm]


----- Original Message -----
From: Amanda McFadden
Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2007 7:21 PM
Subject: Lost Dog / Request for Help

I apologize for sending you unsolicited email, and also if you are a
facility that does not take "found" dogs, or dogs at all. However, my
dog has gotten loose, and I am just hoping against all hope that
someone will have any information that can help.

My dog, Jonesy, is a male, neutered, beagle/basset/ coonhound mix.
He's about 50 pounds, approximately 9 years old, red and white -
really just looks like a big red and white beagle. He was on his
tie-out in my back yard Friday, June 29th, at about 6 am. When I went
out shortly thereafter to get him, he was gone and his collar was laid
open and attached to the tie-out - like the clasp had come undone. I
live just off of North High Street in the North Clintonville area of
Columbus. He has a typical hound sense of smell, and hunting
instincts, so he could have run to anywhere.

The next day I got a phone call from a woman who'd seen one of the
signs I put up. She was certain she'd seen my dog, when a young
gentleman stopped in her apartment complex (1.5 blocks from my house)
looking for the owner of a dog he'd picked up on High Street. She saw
the dog in the cab of his truck, and when she saw my sign the next
day, she was certain it was my dog, but she'd not gotten any
information from this man. She knew only that he was a nice, younger
man driving a blue truck, and he seemed to be making a concerted
effort to find the owner of this pet.

Since I have ads up everywhere I can think of, signs up all around the
neighborhood, and have visited the Franklin County Dog Shelter every
other day for the last two weeks, I don't know if this fellow was
perhaps from out of town, or if he took Jonesy somewhere I don't know
to look. OR it wasn't even my dog he had. At any rate, I'm just
hoping that any of my situation might strike a chord in your memory.
I was Jonesy's third or fourth family that I know of, and I've seen
him become a more easy going dog in the 2.5 years he's been with me.
I'm losing my mind without him and am heartbroken to think of him
trying to adjust to yet another new home. Please, please contact me
at mcfadden.amanda@ gmail. com (Remove Spaces) if you have seen my
dog, or know this gentleman who may have picked him up.

Thank you so much.


Amanda McFadden
mcfadden.amanda@ gmail. com (Remove Spaces)