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James Dean Bully Rescue is in DESPERATE NEED of donations!!!!!!!!!! [Mar. 1st, 2010|07:13 pm]


this is james dean bully rescue -  i'm doing a little volunteering with them and trying to spread the word about their current situation. this is a SMALL rescue that runs on extremely limited funds, which are exacerbated right now due to the current emergency with parvo infected puppies. if you can donate even $1 to help, it would be greatly appreciated and you can be guaranteed that your money is going directly to help these dogs. THANKS!!!!!!

"Please Help!! Donations urgently needed! Rescue needs your assistance.
 Today at 12:59pm
**Donations URGENTLY needed! Our bill is at $1252.17 and Moby isn't out of ICU yet. And, for those of you that remember Jonah I still owe $500 on his bill. We are on a freeze right now and cannot save any more dogs without some help!!!

Good news: All the treatment seems to be paying off. Moby is doing much better and is more alert and awake, he is finally starting to eat on his own. We are cautiously optimistic he will be able to come home soon. His brothers are on meds for their kennel cough and so far they have managed to stay out of the hospital.

Bad news: This parvo out break has completely DEVASTATED our little rescue. I cannot even begin to explain to you how dire a situation we are in financially.

If you could donate $1.00 that would help a HUGE amount, seriously it really adds up. I really want to sincerely thank all of my friends and contacts that have already been gracious and generous enough to donate. I appreciate it more than words can say.

Without some financial help we will not be able to assist in any more rescues in the foreseeable future. Please forward this to anyone you think might be willing to help.

Also, Moby and his brothers will be available for adoption a few weeks once they are healthy enough to be neutered and vetted. Please contact me if you would like an adoption application.

To donate: http://helpjonah.chipin.com/parvo-pit-puppies If you do donate please check that you are sending it as a gift so paypal does not take out fees. Thanks guys, I owe you.
Moby and Bronx
Moby and Bonx
Moby in ICU"

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2010-12-16 12:58 am (UTC)


Nice dog photos
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